The Ghosts of Empires series explores the tension between chaos and order and the need for belonging in an ever-globalizing world, while exploring territorial borders and disputed areas around the world. The work is equivocal and open to multiple interpretations and is intended to illuminate the geographic and psychological paradoxes that exist in migratory conditions. 

The compositions in the series reflect disputed borders and regions as seen through Google satellite maps, which are used as a loose foundation for the work. Inspired by tales of loss and happiness, each piece casts a light on the struggles and victories of strangers in strange lands.  Bolo challenges the notions of global governance, ethnicity and religion as a social construct, questioning whether they should be represented by arbitrary lines. Ultimately humanity is universal, regardless of which side of the border one is on. Desires, Dreams, aspirations, fears and basic needs are ubiquitous. The human need to connect is universal and knows no borders.