A little about me. 

Reggie Chandler is an American artist currently residing in Durham, NC. He loves to capture the human form and spirit in his paintings and drawings. Reggie believes that humans possess a perfectly flawed beauty, and exploring the nuances of those magnificent imperfections produces works that are emotional and relatable.

Reggie was, and still is, inspired by several artists. During his younger years, he was greatly inspired by Erté, a Russian-born French artist. As well, his oldest brother Barry Chandler, a pastel artist, inspired him early on as a child. His current influences include Barkley Hendricks and Ernie Barnes.

Reggie grew up in a home where creativity was encouraged. As a result, his artistic abilities have been celebrated locally throughout his life. He has also been the recipient of several awards and accolades. His works are recognized for their color brilliance, powerful imagery and intense messaging.

It is Reggie’s desire to touch the world through his art and provoke moments of reflection and introspection to those who view the work.Something very like the war fever that occasionally runs through a civilized community had got into my blood, and in my heart I was not so very sorry that I had to return to Maybury that night.  I was even afraid that that last fusillade I had heard might mean the extermination of our invaders from Mars.  I can best express my state of mind by saying that I wanted to be in at the death.